Harvest the true potential of solar power

Our approach

Go green

VerusSol offers real estate investors, asset managers and REITs a unique way to open rooftop solar farms on large logistics buildings, without interfering with their REIT status. We help owners maximise value while achieving their sustainability goals through Scope 1, 2 or 3 emission reductions.
VerusSol going green


Added value

The owner always maintains full control of the roof but benefits from VerusSol’s expertise to make the most of its potential as a source of green energy. The owner can also set prices and supply tenants directly, helping attract and retain high quality occupants and increase building value.
VerusSol Added Value


Be different

VerusSol’s unique system is flexible, fair and compliant with all fiscal and financial rules, thanks to the legal structure we have created. By working with VerusSol, your solar installations will be hassle free, can be easily reconfigured for new tenants and, if the building is sold, transferred to a new owner.
VerusSol Be Different

Maximise potential


The flexible VerusSol approach maximises the potential of your buildings, in terms of both value and sustainability. VerusSol’s unique offer harvests solar energy’s true potential for building owners, tenants and our planet.