Harvest the true potential of solar power

Our approach

Go green

Going green is the only way forward for today’s environment-conscious companies and solar power is a key part of every alternative energy strategy. We’re here to help you make the most of your real estate by harvesting the true potential of solar. 

VerusSol going green


Added value

We will make sure that your company is benefiting to the maximum from the added value provided by the solar power you produce – as well as the environment. We’re not about greenwashing and we do believe in full transparency.

VerusSol Added Value


Be different

The VerusSol approach is different to the traditional roof lease method. It maximises income for the owner at minimum risk, is a real plus for developers and tenants, and it makes a positive contribution to meeting sustainability targets. Everyone benefits.

VerusSol Be Different

Maximise potential


Deciding how to maximise the potential of your property as a renewable energy source is one of the most important building decisions you are going to make. The VerusSol method gives you full economic control of the solar power your property produces.