The best solution to realise your sustainability targets

Our approach

Go green

At VerusSol, we offer you the best solution for the sustainability challenges you are striving to overcome. We turn each such challenge into an opportunity.

The mission of VerusSol is three-fold:

  • To reduce the building’s carbon footprint
  • To maximise the ESG score
  • To increase the building’s attractiveness for tenants

VerusSol’s approach is the creation of a valuable partnership between asset owner and tenant for the entire lease term. VerusSol ensures that you can offer the tenants all the benefits of a net-zero performance building at a lower price than the leasing model or a rooftop rental model would allow.

The VerusSol solution will not interfere with your tax, legal or financial fund obligations or any possible REIT status nor will it be an obstacle to the sale of the asset.

VerusSol going green

Added value


A real added value is to support tenants by offering them a “true” model which supports tenants in achieving a lower carbon footprint and have reduced costs for renewable energy. With a well-conceived approach, this significant value for the tenant will result in a higher total rental income for the asset owner.

Running a renewable energy business requires up-to-date knowledge, manpower and reliable suppliers. That is exactly what VerusSol offers: creating and running an optimal renewable energy business. We have created in our VerusSol solution three different models fitted to (i) your specific needs (ii) to which extent you would want to be supported and unburdened and (iii) your required flexibility.

VerusSol Added Value


Be different

VerusSol provides the asset owner with a renewable energy solution as part of the building, while remaining in full control. Our approach always leads to the best possible results; a more attractive asset to rent out, an asset that generates all the necessary ESG objectives and an asset that is future-proof.

The core of VerusSol’s business is the ability to pass on the low-price of self-generated renewable electricity on to the tenants which results in significantly lower operating costs.

VerusSol Be Different

Our solution


VerusSol offers the most flexible, efficient and effective solution from a financial, ESG and tax perspective in both the short and long term, tailored to your specific needs.

VerusSol takes care of the entire process from development to management of the renewable electricity business throughout its life cycle. In cooperation with you we develop the most optimal solution for each building. For each part of the process, we have selected the best-in-class partner. This guarantees the highest quality, taking your interests into account.